“The worst thing imaginable happened to Steve Grant. And then it happened again. Yet Steve, his message and this book are far less about the despair of bad things happening, and much more about the hope and possibility that remains. It’s an amazing, tragic and redemptive story that needed to be shared and needs to be read.”   

John O’Leary 
#1 National, Bestselling Author of On Fire

“When we as parents struggle with raising our children, it is easy to think that we are alone.  Steve Grant’s new book, Don’t Forget Me, says otherwise. From his deep pain of losing both his sons to addiction, he has written their stories and become an advocate and encourager for other parents. He offers hope and priceless counsel from someone who has walked that difficult road. This is a must read.”

Judge Michael A. Corriero (Ret.),
Author of Judging Children as Children: A Proposal for a Juvenile Justice System”

“Thanks for your help, Steve. The Opiate Epidemic, specifically, as well as other expanding addiction problems, including those caused by alcohol and other drugs, are taking an immense toll on our economy while tearing apart our social fabric. Steve Grant generously shares one family’s fight in this “war against drugs”. Countless other American families have fought the good fight and lost! This is heartbreaking for the survivors. Now through Steve’s efforts, readers can also share in his families struggles and, perhaps, glean some information on what works and does not. As Steve concludes, hope lies in education and more research to engage the enemy at the root causes of addiction, which lie in brain mechanisms, in social and educational institution responses, accompanied by enlightened law enforcement and judicial processes. We should all applaud the efforts that Steve Grant expended to save his own family, but, even more so, we should be thankful for his courage and wisdom to share his experience. By doing so, hopefully others might find solace and be better equipped to deal with similar issues in their lives and families. Sadly for all of us, Steve Grant’s story is not unique, but thankfully, sharing it is – and this has great value!”

Raymond F. Anton, MD
Thurmond Wellness Endowed Chair, Distinguished University Professor
Professor of Psychiatry – Addictions Sciences Division
Scientific Director – Alcohol Research Center
Director of the Clinical Neurobiology Laboratory
Medical University of South Carolina
67 President Street, MSC 861
Charleston, SC 29425

“This is a story of incredible survival through two nightmares, either one of which would have broken me and any other parent I know. Steve has been a friend since our boys were very small children, and I knew what happened to Chris and Kelly. But I never really understood what he went through until reading this account. A tough read, but impossible to put down, it left me stunned. Steve tells his story in tragic detail, offering guidance and perhaps hope to others who face the agony of a child caught in the grip of addiction.”

Bill Reynolds
Advertising Executive 

“Stephen Grant’s book, Don’t Forget Me, confirms what I have believed for so long: The world is full of darkness. In fact we’re surrounded by it. Yet if you know where to look, even in the darkest of caverns, there’s always a light – and it can give others hope in finding their way out of that darkness. The message in Stephen’s story is crystal clear:  Keep believing. Look beyond…and hope.” 

Jason E Fort
Christian Author and Police Officer

“Don’t Forget Me”  Parents of children struggling with substance use disorder typically are confused, uninformed and scared to death.  This book is worth the time.  Written in an engaging yet informative style, it helps.  

Tim Grant

“Steve Grant’s book, Don’t Forget Me, is a powerful story that will speak to so many families impacted by the nation’s opioid crisis. The book offers a truthful look at how one family did the best they could to help two sons who struggled with addiction. Though both Steve’s sons died due to this horrible disease, the fact he is willing to openly talk about the pain of his family’s loss means that he has gained perspective that can and will help other families.”

Wood Marchant, ’89, LISW-CP
Director, Collegiate Recovery Program, College of Charleston, Division of Student Affairs

“When we’re searching for answers to questions that are quietly tearing us apart, we need more than platitudes. We need real help, and real hope. Steve Grant has walked to hell and back…twice…to bring hope and healing to others. His story is a gift to your family, and through his story you will write new endings to your own. Read this book, and then talk about it with your children, your family, and your friends. It’s a conversation that simply must be had.”

Scott Dishman
New York, NY

“Steve Grant has lived through the unimaginable and yet has had the courage to turn his family pain from multiple loses from addiction into action. Don’t Forget Me is a powerfully inspirational personal journey of Steve rising up against intense stigma to face the reality, and instigate the community transformation needed so that other families don’t experience his reality.”

Greg Williams
Award-Winning Filmmaker of The Anonymous People and Generation Found

“Steve Grant is one of the kindest and most generous individuals I have ever met. Known to most as an accomplished business professional, he now finds his true purpose through the loss of both sons to opioids, which we have also experienced in our family. His gripping-powerful story “Don’t Forget Me’ is a must read that will provide encouragement and hope for those in desperate need of answers.”

Larry Stuart- CEO LS Hospitality
Emeritus President Cornell Hotel Society, Author, Speaker, Forbes Contributor

Steve Grant’s capacity for love, even in the midst of his own unimaginable pain, takes your breath away.  I have personally known scores of people who have been given a second chance at life due to the work of Steve Grant.  He is a strong example of God’s Power and Grace.”

Bonnie Hursey
Administrator at Any Length Recovery in Sumter, SC

“Addiction. It’s a word many of us hope we never have to deal with. But for myself, and countless others it is a fact of life we now hope to not deal with alone. It is through Steve Grant’s book, “Don’t Forget Me”, that we can hear a message of hope, directly from someone who has gone through the struggles of watching addiction in his sons lives, and dealing with the results of their addiction in his own. This book offers a hand to anyone who is going through these struggles or knows someone who is.” 

Brother of a family member that received assistance from the Chris and Kelly’s HOPE  Foundation

“After witnessing first-hand the overwhelming pain that came after the loss of both of his sons, it continues to amaze me how Steve has chosen hope even after walking through the darkest tragedies of his life. Don’t Forget Me is a grievous reminder of the raw pain caused by addiction and death that are sadly experienced by many families and individuals. Steve goes further than an honest depiction of his story by also showing how hope and purpose can be revived in the wake of such disastrous events.”

John Lady
Providence Wealth Advisors

“When I first met Steve Grant he was searching for his life’s mission and purpose. After reading “Don’t Forget Me” I am certain he found it. This book and his work are sure to make a difference in many lives.”

Ben Newman
Performance Coach and Keynote Speaker  

“As a close friend I admire Steve’s resolute persistence in helping parents and family members caught in the maelstrom of addiction.  As a parent I hope to follow Steve’s example of fighting every day to let my children know how much they are loved.  As the president of the Community Foundation of Greenville, I am thankful to see such a clear and compassionate call to action for all of us to address the root cause of so much pain.  Steve is reaching thousands of people as he honors his two sons.” 

Bob Morris, President
Community Foundation of Greenville, SC

“For all parents, Don’t Forget Me is a must read.  The author Steve Grant, who lived through the addiction deaths of his only two sons, shares his story, his perspectives and his best advice hoping that other parents won’t have to live through the same experience.”  

Dave Ellison
Greenville, SC